1. Wedding Videographers - What You Need to Know

Learn the language! Become familiar with these common wedding terms and important details.


Traditional – the day is filmed and edited in a linear progression and often in its entirety. These videos can to be 2 to 3 hours in length.

Documentary - a documentary film of the day where segments are edited as they occur to preserve continuity. This style of editing will produce a polished documentation of the day as it unfolds.

Short Form - the length of the film is between 15-60 minutes and films the entire wedding.  The film is not done in chronological order and uses audio commentary from interviews of the couple and their guests.

Storytelling - a video that relies on sound bites recorded pre, during or post wedding, usually from the bride and groom. These sound bites are then added to the audio track for dramatic effect.

Cinematic - captured and edited for dramatic effect and mood. Usually presented with a particular style and WOW effect that may not be present in other video styles.

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2. Ask Yourself about Videography

Is there a particular style you prefer?  Look at examples of each style and see if one stands out to you.
Is there something you really want captured on video?  The entire day? Getting ready all the way through dancing and until you leave?


3. Ask Your Videographer

Do you film in HD?
Will you mic the groom for the ceremony?
Can we select our songs for the trailer video?
What is the length of the video?
What format will the final product be in?
What does the package include?
What are the different styles of filming?
Do you make a highlight video or teaser video? Can it be posted on social media sites?
Will there be titles and captions and if so can we customize?
Is there an additional charge for a second copy?
Will there be more than one person shooting or will you be using an assistant?
When will we receive the final product?