1. Wedding Transportation - What You Need to Know

Learn the language! Become familiar with these common wedding terms and important details.

  • Popular types of wedding transportation: shuttle, antique car, limousine, horse and carriage - parking services
  • Rates – fees are generally charged by the hour and sometimes by the mile. Often, there is a minimum fee or number of hours required. Minimums on Saturdays and weekends may be increased.
  • Turn around time - time between pick up, drop off and pick up of the next group.
  • Transfer - transportation from one location and dropped at one other specific location
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2. Ask Yourself about Transportation

Do any guests need transportation assistance for your wedding?
How much can contribute towards transportation and stay on budget?
What wedding guests need transportation? Bride and groom, wedding party, all guests?
Is there a style of transportation you want? Like? Need? Can afford?
Are there any special photos you want that will require transportation to and from a specific site?


3. Ask your Transportation Company

Have you provided services at our venue in the past?
Are you aware of any special considerations to consider at our venue?
Are there any transportation restrictions with our venue and how have you seen others handle this in the past?
What are your overtime charges?
Do you provide water bottles?
Is there a bathroom?
Where will the driver and vehicle(s) park during the reception and will I be charged for this time?
Is gratuity included in your rate?


TIP: Be sure to have the driver’s cell phone number and the phone number for the company manager.