1. Wedding Photographers - What You Need to Know


It's suprising how we can forget unforgettable moments!  Your photographer keeps special moments unfogettable.

  • Portraiture – traditional posed photos emphasizing the couple or family
  • Photojournalistic – photos that capture spontaneous moments and emotions, telling the story of the day 
  • Second shooter - an additional photographer.  Often helpful in capturing the many elements of a wedding.
  • Photomontage - a slideshow of photos put to music and shown during a wedding.  Photos can range from life of bride and groom through current photos, including wedding ceremony
  • Shoot and share - a photographer who shares all edited images with the client to print and share as they wish
  • Post production - editing images for best result
  • Format – digital files or film proofs 
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2. Ask Yourself about Wedding Photography

Who or what do you want photographed? What people, details, or activities will you want documented?
What kind of photos do you want?  Traditional portraits? Photojournalistic? A combination?
What is your end product? Do you want photos, a photo album, a photo or video montage, something to play at the reception, or a combination of all?


TIP: Traditional portraiture and photojournalistic photos can both be shot and presented in many ways. The creativity and artistry of a photographer will be evident in their portfolios.


3. Ask Your Photographer

Describe your photographic style
Do you have any goals when you photograph a wedding?
What makes working with you and/or your photographs distinct?
Based on our priorities, do you think a second photographer is necessary?
What is your preference for getting specific photos of important people or groups?
How will you be dressed at our wedding?
Will you require a vendor meal?
What is your post-production process and timeline?
How soon following our wedding will we receive our photos and/or album?  Is this guaranteed?
Are there package options? Can you recommend what would work best for us based on cost and length of time? Will any additional costs be added? 


TIP: If selecting a photography package, don’t skimp on time! Make sure your select a package that includes getting photos of all the activities you want. A photography package should not rush the natural flow of your wedding.