1. Photo Booths - What You Need to Know

Learn the language! Become familiar with these common wedding terms and important details.

  • Enclosed booth - fully enclosed on all sides giving the traditional photo booth feel.
  • Open-air booth - open on all sides and run by a touch screen monitor.

Photo Booths are more about the FUN, than the pictures.  The photos are simply a takeaway reminder of the fun.  Guests traditionally get to take photos home from your wedding or post images on social media in real time!  

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2. Ask Yourself about Photo Booths

Do you want guests to have a private space for taking photos or to be out in the open?
Do you prefer the photo strip or 4x6? 
Do you want color or black and white photos?
Do you want access to all the photos after the event?
Do you want a guestbook where an extra copy of the photo can be kept and guests can write a note?


TIP: The amount of space available at your location may help determine whether you have an enclosed booth, which takes up less space, or open air.


3. Ask your Photo Booth Specialist

Will props and an attendant be included?
Will I be able to order or download all the photos after the event?
What happens if there is a malfunction or problem with the booth during the wedding?
Will the booth be open and accessible the entire event?