Wedding Venues - What You Need to Know


Pick a venue that fits YOUR style.  The best weddings are the ones where the guests say, "That was so you"! 

  • Some venues provide only the space and may not include rentals, food & beverage.   'Site only' venues give you more freedom for creativity but also require you to find your own rental company (tables, chairs, linens, tablewear, etc) and caterer. Another option is to hire a local wedding coordinator.
  • If the location includes food and beverage, this will also include service and clean up staff.
  • Locations will differ in their alcohol policies.  Ask them to explain your options. Can you have wine & beer only? Is liquor allowed? What about a full bar?
  • Site Manager vs Coordinator  A site manager's priority is managing the property.  A coordinator's priority is your vendors, guests and the overall wedding experience. *Rarely is there a site manager fee. If the location offers a coordinator it normally will be at an additional charge.
  • Some locations require you to hire a professional coordinator or at least a day of package.
  • Locations may require special event insurance. - Consider Wedsafe link to https://www.wedsafe.com.
  • Some locations can host multiple events at one time. Make sure the layout, parking and proximity is acceptable for your preferences.
  • Some locations limit the length of space rental or ending time.
  • If your ceremony is at a separate location, plan more travel time than you expect.  It almost always takes longer than expected.


TIP: Nearly 50% of your overall budget will be used on the venue, food/beverage and rentals - Choose Wisely

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Ask Yourself about Venues

  • Did we complete the Choozly 'Your Wedding, Your Way' guide?
  • What style of location best fits us?
  • Do we have any 'must haves' regarding the location? City, near family, beach or mountain view, ceremony site, reception and ceremony at one location?
  • Do we agree on possible dates?  Flexibility with your date will offer you more options and potential savings.
  • Do we prefer 'site only' or full service location? One offers more convenience, the other, flexibility.
  • What time of day do we want our wedding?  Most dance parties are at night, not the afternoon. Consider sunset photos and how they fit your timeline.  


TIP: Many locations offer discounts for "off-season" or non-peak days. Be flexible. Think outside the box and save!


Ask Your Venue

  • Can we hire our own vendors (caterer, coordinator, DJ, etc.) or must you select from a required or preferred list?
  • When can vendors arrive for set up and is what is the policy concerning end time?
  • Is there adequate lighting for our reception?
  • Do we need any transportation at this location, like shuttles or a valet service?
  • Do your rentals include tabletop (linens, glasses, silverware and plates)?
  • Are there any potential power considerations we need to be aware of?
  • What is the weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?
  • Do you require a professional coordinator? i.e. A hired professional who's insured as an event coordinator versus a family friend who's helping.
  • Are there any noise restrictions? Music or sound restrictions? Amplified music allowed? What is the curfew?
  • What are the decor guidelines and restrictions? Can I move furniture, hang items from the ceiling or trees? Are candles allowed?
  • If it is a 'site only' location, are kitchen facilities available for our caterer?
  • How many guests can the onsite restrooms accommodate?
  • Is there adequate parking onsite for an event of our size or any transportation needs like shuttles or valet?  
  • If the location is full service, describe your food tasting policies.
  • What is your alcohol policy?

Be sure to get a contract and all important details in writing.


TIP: Now the fun part! Search Choozly and contact your top 3 locations. Remember to stay on budget and select your best fit!