1. Wedding Lighting & Decor - What You Need to Know

Learn the language! Become familiar with these common wedding terms and important details.

  • Pinspot - a spotlight producing a narrow, focused beam of light used to illuminate a very small part of a stage.
  • String lights – Single bulbs hanging from cables to add ambiance and elegance. Also called bistro or market lights.
  • Color wash - a blanket of colored light covering an entire area creating a wash of color and light.
  • Gobos - stencils put over a light projecting a design or pattern.  

Take note:

  • Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your venue.  It is a great way to transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Some venues will require lighting if your event is outdoors and will extend into evening hours. Sting lighting is a great option to consider. 
  • Confirm with your site manager the available power and circuits or arrange for a generator to be sure your lighting vendor has adequate power. 
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2. Ask Yourself about Lighting & Decor

What is your décor budget?
Do you have lighting you need for the safety and benefit of your guests?
Is there lighting you want in order to enhance the venue and overall experience?
Are there areas you would like to highlight using color wash or spotlighting?


3. Ask your Lighting & Decor Professional

Is there something you have seen before at this venue that worked well?