1. Wedding DJ - What You Need to Know

Learn the language! Become familiar with these common wedding terms and important details.

  • Master of Ceremonies, MC, or emcee – a DJ can serve as the official host of your event, make introductions and announcements, organize activities and generally keep the event flowing. 
  • Single DJ or DJ/MC team – You can hire a DJ and an MC for your event or a DJ who will serve both roles. 
  • Single DJ or DJ company - a DJ may work alone as a sole proprietor or for a DJ company that employs multiple DJs. 
  • Mixing – what a DJ does when they blend one song into another, creatively matching the beats. 
  • iPod wedding – a pre-made playlist for background music. This works well when the atmosphere is casual, but is not recommended when dancing is the focus.
  • Background music - music played at low volume during cocktail hour and dinner, setting a mood and feel for the event.    
  • Multiple sound systems - most weddings require more than one sound system to accommodate different sites for ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing. *Electricity is normally required.
  • Ceremony sound system – often forgotten but very important.  For weddings with more than 75 guests, a microphone and speakers is recommended for the enjoyment of guests.


TIP: Although a DJ can serve dual roles, they ARE NOT a wedding coordinator. Coordinators are priceless taking care of many details, so you can take care of yourself.

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2. Ask Yourself about a DJ

What is the feel you want for your wedding?  Dancing?  Hanging out? 
Are there songs your must have for those special dances – first dance, father/daughter, mother/son? 
Do you know what kind of music will get you and your guests dancing?  How involved do you want to be in selecting the playlist? Do you want your DJ to help you?
Do you prefer to have an enthusiastic, vocal DJ/MC who will guide your event or do you prefer a less vocal DJ/MC?
What would you like from your DJ?  Do you want them to verbally engage your guests to dance, be the party leader, or more subtle and in the background?
How do you want your DJ to handle music requests?


3. Ask Your DJ

How will you create a successful event? What will you focus on?
Will you involve us in selecting the music? How?
What is your DJ/MC style?
How will you get guests involved and dancing?
Will you have any involvement with our pre-event planning? How do we get information to you about our preferences relating to a timeline, music, etc?
Do you have a back-up plan in case of an emergency and you are unable to deliver our agreed upon services?
What is your additional hour price? 
Will you stay additional time if we decided to run over our contract end time?