The 13 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make

Make sure you save time, money and stress by hearing the 13 most common mistakes couples make. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know any better.  Chloe and other pros help you avoid common traps like ‘Forgetting about your guests’ or’Not having fun’. 

Wedding planners reveal the 13 biggest mistakes couples make when they plan their wedding

Originally published on April 14, 2017 by Chloe Pantazi for Business Insider

It’s not just about a wedding — it’s about marriage, one wedding planner said. Andrew Nolan/Pexels

There’s so much to consider when it comes to planning a wedding that it’s easy to mess up at least one thing on your checklist.

To take the pressure off, INSIDER spoke to a number of wedding planners with years of experience to find out the most common mistakes couples make as they plan their big day — and their best advice for how to avoid making them.

Here’s everything you’re probably doing wrong, and what you should be doing instead.

You’re not thinking about the guest list before choosing a venue.


Many couples are so excited to choose their venue that they forget the most important factor when making that decision: their guests.

Amy Shey Jacobs of Chandelier Events told INSIDER that it’s crucial to “think of your guest list before you go looking for a venue,” and make the effort to “get everyone’s name on a guest list.” That way, you and your partner know roughly how many people you have to accommodate.

Overestimating how many invited guests will RSVP “no” is another more common mistake wedding planner Amy Katz, of Amy Katz Events, has seen. Make sure you only invite the number of people you can comfortably afford to budget for, or you might end up regretting it later.

You didn’t set a budget first.


Many couples make the mistake of “not having a budget in the first place, and trying to figure that out as [they] go,” according to Jacobs, who said this only causes “chaos” in the lead-up to the wedding.

“Don’t leave the money discussion ’til the end,” she said. “You want to understand how much you have before you go shopping… Once you have that structure it allows you to figure out your priorities.”

Katz says that it’s important not to underestimate the cost of a wedding at this stage, either. Be realistic — think about how much you can spend, and not how much you think you can stretch.

You’re letting your budget hold you back.

These are just a couple of the most common mistakes couples make.  Learn eleven more mistakes you can avoid when planning your wedding when Wedding planners reveal the 13 biggest mistakes couples make when they plan their wedding.


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