9 Wedding Site Questions

As couples look for creative ways to ‘stand out’, many are trying new venues. And while there are amazing possibilities, it’s important to check planning details that come with a less experienced site.  This article covers some tips to consider.

9 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Site

Originally published on January 9, 2019 by Daniel Bortz for the New York Times

Planning a dream wedding usually begins with finding the right place, but the process can be both confusing and time-consuming for many couples.

Asking the right questions when scouting out places can help in the decision-making. Here are some to consider, based on the experience of wedding planners and recently married couples.

1. What does your venue coordinator handle?

It’s important to clarify what a venue coordinator’s role entails, said Angelica Waltman, a wedding planner and coordinator in Bloomsburg, Pa. If the site doesn’t provide one, Ms. Waltman recommends couples hire one independently.  Many places offer couples an event coordinator, but this person’s role can vary significantly. Some venues don’t provide a coordinator at all.

3. How many weddings do you schedule a year?

By choosing a new events space, you may be booking the hottest wedding spot in town, but lack of experience can sting. Like new restaurants, new wedding venues need time to work out kinks before they can provide customers with top-notch service.

4. Do you have enough restrooms for our guests?

Don’t want a long line at the bathrooms? Make sure a venue has enough restrooms to accommodate your number of guests

5. What equipment and décor do you provide?

Obviously, you’re going to need tables and chairs for your wedding, but there are some commonly overlooked wedding equipment and decorations. For instance, some places provide linens, china and glassware, but others don’t.

7. Do you allow multiple weddings or events to take place at the same time?

Most places will host only one wedding a day, but some may host multiple weddings or other events in a single day.

9. Do you provide security?

Ms. Patton Olsen said couples should ask what measures a wedding location takes to ensure the security of the event, the guests and personal property. “Most venues don’t provide security, so this is a good thing for the couple to be aware of prior to the event so they can take the necessary steps to hire security if needed,”

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