Working With a Makeup Artist

This collection of tips come from experts including a celebrity makeup artist from NY and is full of tips you may not think of on your own. It includes 8 simple questions, tips and even a quick to-do list to help.

A Guide to Working With a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Originally published on December 11, 2018 by Alix Strauss for the New York Times

Whether you want glamour, drama or au naturel, finding and working with the right makeup artist can sometimes seem overwhelming. Like your venue, flowers or photographer, prices will vary, as do makeup styles, personality, and time spent on the application process.

Here are eight questions to consider before and after you hire someone.

Everything. said Ashlee Glazer, a celebrity makeup artist based in New York. “Telling us what you do like is as important as what you don’t.” Also, share what makeup and colors you use…

Yes, specifically photos you like of yourself, your wedding dress and the wedding site….

Go to your appointment without makeup.Another tip: “Wear a white shirt because that’s usually the color of your dress,” Ms. Lee said. “Then take selfies….

Your service typically covers everything from the clavicle up, plus makeup glow on your shoulders and lotion on your legs. “Additionals are cutting or tweezing brows, faux lashes,…

Yes. “Like dating, you should know within 15 or 20 minutes if you have a connection,” …. She also suggested checking out someone’s work style….

Both. “Brides are seen through many different lenses: in person, through an iPhone, a professional camera, and possibly a videographer,” ….

Get more detailed explanations, see the rest of the tips including a helpful ‘Quick To-Do List’ at A Guide to Working With a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

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