10 Tips for Outdoor Wedding

One of the first decisions engaged couples make is indoor or outdoor.  Outdoor weddings are certainly on the rise.  So if you plan on having your wedding outside, make sure you take a look at these 10 tips and avoid surprises by being prepared.

10 tips to help avoid weather disruptions at your outdoor wedding

Originally published on June 6, 2018 by Chaffin Mitchell for Accuweather

Outdoor weddings are stunning and romantic, but they come with additional potential problems. Rain, wind, heat and other weather problems are all obstacles that can be overcome with the right tips and tricks.

Here are 10 ways to have a seamless outdoor wedding:

Pick a date according to weather

Think about what the weather will likely be at the time of day and month of the year of your outdoor wedding.

Inform your guests it’s an outdoor wedding so they can plan accordingly

It is a good idea to give guests an idea of what to expect in terms of the venue’s setting as that way your invitees can anticipate how to dress to make themselves comfortable in the surroundings.

Have a backup plan

If you have the perfect venue during the perfect time of year, yet it still ends up raining on your special day, make sure to have a backup plan.

Hydrate your guests

Consider serving plenty of ice and water with a variety of lemonades, teas and punches.

Keep all guests in mind

Think about any guests that might have health conditions or a disability. It is important to make sure the venue is accessible for everyone.

Plan for windy conditions

“One wind tip favored by savvy event planners is to tie up tablecloths to the table base. This provides an especially sleek look to cocktail high-tops as well as ensuring that linens aren’t left flapping in the breeze,” Jolene Harrington of Here Comes the Bride said.

Make sure everyone can hear

Outdoor weddings can have many more noise interruptions than indoor ceremonies, for instance the sound of waves, gusty winds, birds or nearby people. It is a good idea to rent a sound system with microphones for the bride, groom and officiant so all of your guests can hear you.

Keep decorations weighed down

Weddings have many decorations, so it’s key to make sure none of them will blow away in the wind. Because of this possibility, it’s a good idea to pick heavier or weighted decorations.

Beat the heat

“For summer weddings where the heat can get intense, providing inexpensive paper parasols or even fans to guests do double-duty as cooling devices and mementos.

Kick out unwanted guests

Mosquitoes can be a big nuisance during an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, and there are some tricks to making sure they don’t crash the party.

Strategically placed floor fans can provide a breeze across the area of concern and will serve to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Be sure to put out citronella candles or a bug zapper so your guests won’t spend more time swatting mosquitoes than enjoying their time.

See a more detailed discription and more tips by reading the whole post of 10 tips to avoid weather disruptions at your outdoor wedding

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