19 Unexpected Wedding Costs

This is an article every couple should read before they start spending money on their wedding.  Lauren lays out 19 budget busters.  She organizes them as Before the Wedding, Wedding Day and After the Wedding.  This not only alerts you to costs you may not have been aware of but lists some traditional activities that you might choose to eliminate or alter to save money.

19 Less Obvious Wedding Costs to Bake Into Your Budget

Originally published on September 20, 2017 by Lauren Schwahn for Nerd Wallet

When you hear wedding bells, you often see dollar signs. But there are additional costs to consider besides basic ones like the venue, dress, photographer and cake.

Here are some often overlooked wedding expenses and how to budget for them.

Before the wedding


You don’t want to blow your wedding budget before the big day arrives. If you plan to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with a dinner, party or getaway, calculate the potential costs involved ahead of time to make sure it’s affordable. Food, drinks, activities, travel expenses and any new outfits can add up quickly.


The most important (and mandatory!) expense is the marriage license. No matter where you get married or how many guests attend, you must have the document to make your “I do’s” official. Application fees vary by location but typically range from about $25 to $100.


Purchasing save-the-dates and invitations is hard to forget, but the cost to mail them is often a secondary thought. The total price depends not only on quantity, but on size and weight as well.

“If you’re doing a standard size envelope, it’s going to be standard size times the weight. But if you’re doing a square envelope or another sort of die-cut shape, there’s going to be additional expenses,” says Anne Chertoff, trend expert at WeddingWire, a wedding-planning website.

Check with your post office to determine if you’ll need extra postage.


Make staying within your budget a priority and you’ll be glad you did.  While having an unforgettable wedding is a great goal, being fiscally responsible has much better long term benefits.  Make sure you take a few minutes to go over all 19 Less-Obvious Wedding Costs to Bake Into Your Budget to make sure you don’t get any surprises.


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