Cut Destination Wedding Costs

Do you need a few simple tips for your destination wedding plans?  Courtney makes it easy by putting these tips into three groups – WHERE, WHEN & HOW.  She shares 8 great tips supported by wedding pros. We loved #4 and #7 but be sure to check out her full list. —Choozly

Cut Destination Wedding Costs With These 8 Strategies

Originally published on Aug 25, 2017 by Courtney Jespersen for nerdwallet


Whether you’re getting married in the U.S. or abroad, you can expect better rates on everything if you avoid peak wedding season.

“If you really have your heart set on a destination, try getting married in a shoulder season or an offseason,” Spector says. “Obviously weather tends to be a factor, but make sure you have a good rain plan or snow plan.”

Find out when your destination’s offseason falls. For instance, Potter says America’s summer is the offseason for the Caribbean.


If you need to use vendors beyond those provided by the venue, hire nearby professionals. Bringing in vendors from your hometown can be expensive, as you’d likely be expected to foot the bill for their travel and lodging.

“It really depends on where the destination is, but if you don’t have to pay for travel for your florist or your hair and makeup person, that’s really going to help,” Spector says.

And because you might not be familiar with vendors near the destination, Spector and Potter stress the importance of recommendations from family, friends, past brides or other vendors you trust. Your social media accounts can come in handy, too.

“Instagram and Pinterest are really the best ways to plan a wedding,” Spector says. “Like on Instagram you can look at your venue, look at the location and look at people whose weddings have been there before.”


These two tips will save you from last minute surprises you don’t want plus save you money!  This short blog is easy to read and full of solid wedding planning strategies. Read the full article and learn how to Cut Destination Wedding Costs With These 8 Strategies.

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