4 Tricks To Keep Wedding Costs Low

Unless you’re what is called a ‘one percenter’, you will have to take budget into account when planning your wedding.  While budgets can often get out of control, they don’t have to.  One of the smartest trick from this article to staying on budget is Pick The Right Location!  Learn all four ‘tricks’ from Mike Juang to keep your wedding costs low. – Choozly

4 Tricks to Keep Wedding Costs Low

Originally published by Mike Juang on June 27, 2017 for CNBC

Marriage should last forever. The cost of your wedding shouldn’t.

Wedding spending hit a new high in 2016, The Knot said in a recent report. The wedding marketplace specialists say average weddings now cost $35,329, up eight percent since 2015. Meanwhile, The Wedding Report says the average cost of a wedding rose less than 1 percent, to $26,720 in 2016.

Budget with your partner

The first step is to have a budget chat with the person you’re marrying, said consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, a professor emeritus at Golden Gate University. Talk about what’s a reasonable amount to spend for the wedding, which expenses you’re going to prioritize, and how you’re going to come up with those funds.

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