Planning a Wedding That’s Your Style

10 Steps to Planning a Wedding That’s Your Style

There are many areas and details that add up to ‘your wedding style’.  From the time of year and venue to the colors, decor or invitation style your wedding is an expression of your style.  Make it a goal to not be overwhelmed by all the small decisions you will make and instead, decide on a few big picture priorities that will guide your decision making.

This article addresses the most prominent areas where ‘your style’ comes to life and provides a simple suggestions for making them your own.  Since most couples will have to consider budget in virtually every decision, the first two steps are great advice.  Anne gets it right and the first two steps should always be the basis of any wedding decision you make.  Here’s the first three steps! – Choozly

10 Steps to Planning a Wedding That’s Your Style

Originally published on August 24, 2016 by Anne Member for My Wedding

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Think About the Big Picture

Don’t start with the details – although if you have certain details in mind, they can certainly inform the bigger picture. Stick with a general idea of what you want your event to feel like. Are you hoping for a big, all-inclusive bash? Or is an intimate event where you can have personal conversations with every attendee more your thing?


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Decide What Matters Most

This admittedly has something to do with your budget. Most couples will ultimately have to develop their own wedding day and budget balancing act, but knowing what your day-of priorities are will help. Is food your focus? Or are you more into really great photos?







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Settle on a Season

This may be pretty self-explanatory, but the season of your event will have a big impact on its style. It’s tough to plan an outdoor wedding on a snowy January day in Minnesota, for example. Choose a season that feels most like the wedding day you want to have and go from there.


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