12 Things You Should Expect

There are many surprises when planning a wedding.  Some good, some maybe not so much.  Take a look at these twelve things you should expect as you start planning.  You’ll avoid some stress just knowing these twelve things are normal.

12 Things You Should Expect When Wedding Planning

Originally published on July 6, 2016 by Carly Spindel for Huffington Post

Being engaged is the most exciting time of your life. The love of your life just proposed and you get to marry him! Yes!!! It’s so exciting it’s bringing a smile to my face right now. However, planning the wedding isn’t quite as exhilarating. There are tons of things to think about that no one tells you. Here’s the cold hard truth about wedding planning so you can be prepared.

1. You’re going to think about others before you think about yourself.
Yep, it’s true. Have you always wanted a dream wedding at a castle in Tuscany? Me too. But, here’s a newsflash. Unless your guests are all retired millionaires, that’s really, really hard to execute.

2. The MOB can be a pill.
If the MOB (Mother of The Bride) is paying for the wedding, that’s incredible. However, that usually comes with some strings attached, which is what I like to call mama drama.

3. You’re going to fight with your fiancé.
Wedding planning makes everything extra stressful. You’re kind of on edge all the time and it isn’t so fun. You might not agree on everything, alas a fight or two might happen. It’s totally expected and not something to stress out over.

4. Money is going to stress you out.
It’s a fact — money is going to stress you out. When you realize the cost of wedding related things, you might have a little panic attack. Between site fees, taxes, and gratuity alone – it all adds up quite fast.

Including these expectations, there’s eight more for you to check out.  Make sure you know what to expect, so you’ll be more prepared for ‘wedding normal’  See all 12 Things You Should Expect When Wedding Planning

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