About Us

WHY? - We're on a mission to...

Create a trusted resource that serves you, the local wedding community
Make sure it's easy to find YOU, a professional local wedding expert
Make it easy for YOU to stand out for who they are and what they offer


TOGETHER!  We have massive influence if we work together. Choozly is made to highight you!  List your services (it's easy), share and watch what happens.  We decide how fast we reach our goal - list today!


A nationwide directory of local wedding professionals
An site making it easy to find the local wedding services that best match your needs
An invitation only directory of the best & most referred local wedding services
A great business to business (B2B) resource for wedding professionals

Uniquely made by wedding professionals, for wedding professionals
We started in Santa Barbara and are expanding throughout Southern California... then nationwide!

WHY CHOOZLY? (for wedding professionals)

Wedding professionals are building a resource that works for us and our customers!
SAVE TIME - only takes about 5 minutes to list your services, that's it!
SAVE MONEY - list during our beta testing and you'll get a FREE lifetime listing!
SAVE MORE TIME - unlike advertising, your listing attracts your ideal vendor partner



Choozly is referral based and information focused - We don't sell ads!
Choozly searches show 
only local wedding services
The most efficient and informative listings attract your ideal vendors
Bullet points show your specialties!
Quick links  - make it easy to learn more about you
Experience Counts! - your experience shows on your search listing
REVIEWS - we link to your best reviews to show your quality
'Ask the Experts' - Your questions directed to the best local wedding professionals


To be INCLUSIVE - All wedding professionals are welcome to list!
To present all listings WITHOUT PREFERENCE
To support LOCAL SERVICES - We support local wedding professionals
Together we'll make it easier for you to be found!  List today & make a difference!


FIRST, create your FREE listing that attracts your ideal partners and couples - takes less than 10 minutes
SECOND, get your favorite vendor partners to list their services and share
THIRD,  Through listings and social media and the most informative listings, we will rise in visibility making it easy for your ideal connection to find you!